Our trip to Belize (part one)


I have a feeling that this could be a long post with lots of photos and videos.  I apologize now, but we always try to experience as much as possible while traveling.  I’m breaking this up into two posts, but there will still be a lot.


We flew into Belize early April 16th.  After getting our rental car, we looked at our map to see how to get to our hotel.  There are not many highways in Belize, so it’s pretty simple to get places.  We noticed that the Belize Zoo was on the way, so we stopped there for a bit.




The zoo isn’t very big, but it was different from the ones I’ve been to in the US.  All the animals here are native.  They were not taken from the wild and are either rescues or pets that were dropped off.  There are some ares that are very closed in, but they have a lot of open areas with no fencing in between you and the animals.






You obviously shouldn’t touch the animals, but some of them are very curious.



We stayed in San Ignacio which is in the Cayo District.  It was about 2 hours from the airport.  I picked our hotel because it had cottages and cabins along with the actual hotel.  I highly recommend The Midas Belize and would stay there again.  We checked in early that evening and got food from the restaurant there, Fuzed Bistro.  I had chicken with a rum sauce.



We were in cottage one.  It’s just a bedroom and bathroom.  I actually loved it and it never really felt small.






I walked around a bit before we left the hotel to show just some of the property.






This is what the main hotel looks like.  Behind that wall is a pool.





My dinner from the first night.



We went to Guatemala the second day, which I already posted about.



Our third day, we decided to drive to Placencia to see if we could get a boat tour to snorkel at one of the islands.  It was a three hour drive, so we got breakfast first (I rarely eat breakfast).   I got french toast with honey and fruit.




This is mine and my husbands. I tried his fry cakes and they were really good, too.  I gave him my bacon.



While the drive was long, it didn’t really feel like it.  The scenery was beautiful.  There are police stops all round Belize and tons of speed bumps.  But we had no issues.  Just make sure you have your passport with you.




I took this through the window of the car.





We made it to Placencia and drove through to Placencia Village and then walked.  The drive is beautiful with the lagoon on one side and the Caribbean on the other.  Unfortunately, we were there around 11 and there were no more boats going out.  Some of the shops were super nice and called family members with boats, but we had no luck.  So we didn’t stay there long.  I took a few pictures of the lagoon behind the gas station (most are full service) and then a couple of one of the beaches.




The lagoon side was very calm, but there are a lot of animals in there.  I was hoping to see a manatee, but it’s probably good that nothing popped out of the water.  I was on a small dock and I may have fallen in.





It was pretty windy that day, so dirt was churning up quite a bit at the shoreline.



My next post will be up soon!




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