Review of Last Seen by Sara Shepard (physical hardcover)





Last Seen by Sara Shepard


There are spoilers for the first two books in the summary below.


The stakes are higher than ever in this third installment of The Amatuers, as Aerin finds herself kidnapped by the killer she knows all too well, and her friends must work to solve a puzzle laid out by the villain in order to save her.
At first, the mystery they’re tasked with seems to have nothing to do with Aerin or her kidnapper. But as Seneca, Maddox, and Madison hit the Jersey Shore to gather clues, they begin to uncover the true background of the killer and the horrors that shaped him into who he is. The scavenger hunt leads them to the family of a recently kidnapped boy, a serial child-snatcher, and dark secrets they could never have seen coming. As Aerin struggles to play nice with the person who killed her sister in order to buy herself time, her friends work feverishly against the ticking clock that could mean her life, and every clue they uncover leads Seneca to suspect she’s more connected to the killer’s history than she ever realized.
With nail-biting suspense, twisted secrets, and non-stop action, this final installment in #1 New York Times best-selling author Sara Shepard’s The Amateurs series will shock even the savviest of readers with its big reveal.




There are spoilers for the first two books in my review.  Do not read if you don’t want to know what happened in those.


I believe this is the final book in the Amateurs Series.  But the ending did leave it open for more.


The first book was my favorite, but I ended up enjoying this whole series.  Last Seen starts off where book two ended.   Thomas was supposed to pick Aerin up and Seneca, Maddox, and Madison didn’t see her around when Thomas called them.  They thought he already picked her up, but he wasn’t there yet.  They quickly realize that Brett took Aerin.


Brett contacts Seneca and tells them about a kidnapped kid.  He wants the group to figure out where the boy is and then he’ll give Aerin back.  They’re not sure why he picked this case, but they were given a short time frame and didn’t want to risk Aerin’s life.  They follow clues all over and find out a lot more than they imagined.


Seneca annoyed the crap out of me in this book.  But I’m glad that we found out more about Brett’s past.  We also find out why he killed Seneca’s mom.   The pacing and mystery in this was just as good as the other books.  I thought everything wrapped up nicely and I like that there is an opening if Sara decides to write another book or spin off of this trilogy.


I gave this book 4 stars.  This was my personal HC that I read.



Have you read the Amateurs Series?  Have you read anything else by Sara Shepard?  Are you watching her Pretty Little Liars spinoff on Freeform (we’re a week behind, but I’m really liking it so far)?







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