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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Shadowglass by Rin Chupeco.  This tour is being hosted by Fantastic Flying Book Club.




The Shadow Glass (The Bone Witch #3)

by Rin Chupeco

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Release Date: March 1st 2019

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult


The dramatic finale to The Bone Witch series! Tea’s dark magic eats away at her, but she must save the one she loves most, even while her life—and the kingdoms—are on the brink of destruction.


In the Eight Kingdoms, none have greater strength or influence than the asha, who hold elemental magic. But only a bone witch has the power to raise the dead. Tea has used this dark magic to breathe life into those she has loved and lost…and those who would join her army against the deceitful royals. But Tea’s quest to conjure a shadowglass, to achieve immortality for the one person she loves most in the world, threatens to consume her.


Tea’s heartsglass only grows darker with each new betrayal. Her work with the monstrous azi, her thirst for retribution, her desire to unmask the Faceless—they all feed the darkrot that is gradually consuming her heartsglass. She is haunted by blackouts and strange visions, and when she wakes with blood on her hands, Tea must answer to a power greater than the elder asha or even her conscience. Tea’s life—and the fate of the kingdoms—hangs in the balance.





Author Guest Post:




  1. Morgan le Fay


The very first witch I loved! I’m a huge fan of the Arthurian cycle / The Matter of Britain, and Morgan was the first female character I’ve read that went against the typical portrayal of women that I’ve known. It wasn’t until I was much older that I delved into the legend and discovered that Morgan’s “villainy” was actually writers willfully changing her history from a wise woman, a supporter of King Arthur and easily the smartest and most powerful person in the mythology, to being his antagonist. All my protagonists have been influenced by her in some way, from fighting back against a toxic patriarchy (Okiku, The Girl from the Well) to challenging the norms by which girls are expected to behave (Tea).


  1. mangkukulams


I grew up with stories about mangkukulams, which are basically Filipino witches! They supposedly live in an island in the Philippines called Siquijor and serve as both healers and cursemakers. Mangkukulams can curse people and cause them to suffer strange illnesses, but can also create the  antidotes to cure them. They can also supposedly control and summon spirits to do their bidding – bone witches and daeva are a nod to that. People both fear and respect them – how they’re viewed and treated by society is what inspired the perception of bone witches in the series – they’re considered evil and malevolent, but at the same time considered necessary to society and tolerated because of it.


  1. Circe


Circe is another character who, like Morgan le Fay, was different to me as an adult than as a kid. Circe had always been presented as a plot point for Odysseus’ journey, a predatory temptress rather than as a person in her own right with valid reasons to fear these men who were constantly washing up on her shores. Circe by Madeline Miller is such a beautiful retelling of her story, and one of my favorite books!


  1. Hecate


Again, a huge Greek mythology fan here. And as someone who has always been interested in ghosts and weird things since childhood, it was natural for me to love Hecate, who is the badass goddess of crossroads, ghosts, witchcraft, and many other things that warm my heart-cockles. She was always depicted as a goddess who functioned in the in-betweens – someone who offered sanctuary to those who didn’t quite belong, and I identified so strongly with that as a teen!


  1. Baba Yaga


Everything about her goes beyond the realm of what was normal, and I love that. Her house has chicken legs. She flies through the air on what is basically a mortar and pestle. She can choose to aim you or harm you, and that can be entirely on a whim of hers. And she has the best horses.


  1. Granny Weatherwax


Granny is such a fixture in the Discworld series, and she is one of my favorite characters by Terry Pratchett, right up there with Death and Detritus the troll. In a complete subversion, Granny often chooses “headology” over using her actual abilities – psyching out or tricking opponents is just as powerful as spells, and it’s often played to hilarious effect. (especially when she’s aided by her happy-go-lucky friend, the amorous Nanny Ogg, who is a good witch in her own right).


  1. Howl Pendragon


A warlock I can respect. Howl’s Moving Castle is one of my favorite books of all time. As terrible as that might make me sound, I share a lot of personality traits with Howl, especially his desire to do almost everything possible to keep his privacy! I consider myself introverted but at times am also so very extra, and seeing him constantly shift from one to the other as well made me realize that no one is ever just one personality archetype.


  1. Ursula


I’m a huge fan of old Hollywood, and one of my favorite actresses is the very sassy Mae West. Ursula is like a darker villainous version of her, and is easily my favorite Disney antagonist of all time, barely edging out Hades. I am in love with her gorgeous, take-no-prisoners drag queen aesthetic!


  1. Phoebe Halliwell


I was a huge fan of the Charmed series growing up, and Phoebe, as the rebel of the family, was always my favorite. She was the kind of person who was trying to go against the grain of what was expected of her, and that she’s someone who not only makes a lot of mistakes and owns up to them, but is allowed to do so and gets the opportunity to be better because of it, is what I love most about her.


  1.  Hermione Granger


For a huge majority of my childhood I was very Hermione-like, so I immediately identified with her the first time I read Harry Potter. It’s also clear to me that she should actually be the protagonist of the series, because she solved everything and only got half of the credit. (Am I also the only one who was hoping she’d get with Viktor Krum instead of Ron Weasley? Sorry, Ron.)










I hated everything, and I said as much.

Kance, being of a better temperament than I, was more optimistic. “Father does this every year, Kalen,” he pointed out quietly as we stood before the crowd, waiting for the ceremony to begin. “It’s a time-honored tradition, a public way to show our support for the people.”

I grunted. There were thousands of people gathered here to witness the rites. This might be one of the most important moments of an Odalian’s life, but it wasn’t what I was here for. I was here to scan the crowd for any heartsglass that manifested a desire to do violence to Kance or the rest of the royal family, for which I was given permission to deter by any means my proclivities deemed necessary. I was committed to serving as Kance’s bodyguard and, at fourteen, had the training to prove it. I owed King Telemaine that much, though he had every right to treat me like a traitor, like my father was.

Thinking about my father only darkened my mood. He deserved to rot in prison for the rest of his life, but he had been good to me, even if he hadn’t been a good person. Some days I had to fight not to excuse one for the other.

I wasn’t lucky enough to deserve nice things.

Kance’s eyes twinkled, like they always did when he teased. “You’re such a worrywart. Nothing’s going to happen. Your scowl is enough to chase away even the False Prince himself. I think Chancellor Merdon breaks out in a cold sweat every time you so much as scowl in his direction.”

“An unexpected breeze would be capable of scaring Chancellor Merdon.”

“Are you nervous?”

I grunted again. It was true that this was my first official appearance as Kance’s bodyguard, and I was adamant that I would do everything in my power to serve him well. Whatever Kance claimed, the Heartsrune ceremony was a recruitment opportunity masked as a coming of age ritual. Anyone whose heartsglass bled silver instead of red or purple was required to serve at the King’s discretion – as asha for the girls, and as Deathseekers for the boys.

“I know you won’t agree, but I rather like that the crowd has grown considerably from last year,” Kance went on cheerfully. “Perhaps if there are more asha found today they can stay in Odalia rather than leave for Kion. Lady Mykaela even found a potential Dark asha to train.”

“I don’t know why you think that’s a good thing.” My mother was killed by a Faceless-controlled daeva. So was Kance’s. Dark asha share similar skills to the Faceless—the same necromancy, the same questionable ability to raise and control daeva, and the same predisposition to go mad because of those powers. I disliked them on principle. The Dark asha tasked to fight the daeva back then had lost her courage and fled, dooming our mothers and the rest of that city. Kance had always been more forgiving than most.

“You saw her, if only for a brief moment. What do you think?”

“I didn’t notice enough of her for me to have an impression,” I lied.

“Well, she does seem quite shy, at first. Her brother served in the army and was killed by a savul. She gave Father quite the earful about that.”

I turned to glare at him. “I wished you’d told me you were meeting them. I would have been there earlier.” Councilor Raja and I had arrived just as Kance and King Telemaine were taking their leave from Lady Mykaela and her new charge. I was still put out that Kance hadn’t told me about it.

“You were busy giving out instructions to the honor guard, and I didn’t want to disturb you.”


“You don’t have to guard me day and night, Kalen. I sincerely doubt anyone would attack us in the presence of two Dark asha and a familiar.”

I didn’t bother telling him that it was the Dark asha I was worried about. “I don’t want you keeping things from me. Like it or not, you’re my responsibility.”

“You sound a little like Khalad,” he said, and his smile dropped.

“I promised him I’d watch out for you.” I knew King Telemaine and Khalad were having problems; I didn’t know the specifics, but it wasn’t my place to ask. It didn’t seem like Kance knew much about it, either.

“I apologize. I’ll be sure to tell you next time.”

“And don’t apologize, you’re the prince.” Something he’d said earlier finally clicked in my brain. “Wait. Two Dark asha and a familiar?”

“Apparently Lady Mykaela found the young novice because the girl went and raised someone from the dead,” the prince chuckled. “Remember the brother killed by the savul? That’s her familiar. The Dark asha novitiate is named Tea, and the brother is Fox. Lady Mykaela thought it would too traumatic to force her to return her sibling. Lord Fox appears to have accepted his condition, so all Lady Mykaela intends is to keep a closer eye on them both. Dark asha are rare enough these days. Lady Tea would be more amendable to training if she can keep Lord Fox close.”

“I wish Lady Mykaela good luck, but I doubt that.” I was suspicious. Most competent Dark asha novitiates couldn’t resurrect the dead on their first try. The girl was powerful enough for Lady Mykaela to break the rules to placate her.

I didn’t like it. The last thing I wanted was a Dark asha growing accustomed to the laws not applying to her.

Kance only laughed, and clapped me on the back. “Perhaps they can stay long enough for me to introduce you after the ceremony. I’m sure you’ll like her, too.”



author info



author (2)


Despite an unsettling resemblance to Japanese revenants, Rin always maintains her sense of hummus. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, she keeps four pets: a dog, two birds, and a husband. Dances like the neighbors are watching.


She is represented by Rebecca Podos of the Helen Rees Agency. She is also fond of speaking in the third person, and may as well finish this short bio in this manner. While she does not always get to check her Goodreads page, she does answer questions posed to her here as promptly as she is able to.



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