Book Spotlight for Divine Abomination by Jillian E. Martyn


I was recently contacted by Jillian E. Martyn about reviewing her book.  Sadly I didn’t have time to squeeze it in, but I decided to do a spotlight post for her instead.  I will be sharing info about the book and author below.



jillian book


The world is quite the different place after the loss of Heaven and Hell. Ten scientists were given an important task: Recreate what was lost. A task only made possible by the Divines final gift. The most valuable gift in all of existence. The blood of Angels, Demons and their Lords. The very essence to save our desolate world. In a dystopian future, we must do what we can to survive. The strict lines of good and evil will never be the same. Commander Fallen Hart is the one and only Lucifer Helix. He and his mixed team of Helix soldiers know their mission well. Seek and Destroy Get every sample of the Divine by any means possible. With his demeanor and what runs through his veins, its understandable why hes intimidating and feared. Everyone feels that way. Everyone that is, except the young mute woman named Kid Harmond. After a chance meeting one thing is definite, this skilled Helix will be joining his team. Come hell or high water, hell do anything in his power to make that possible. An action packed, fast paced story set far into the future where one question remains… Who exactly is the enemy?





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About the Author:




Jillian E. Martyn enjoys cooking, playing video games, and being dragged to many concerts by her cousin. She loves edgy fashion, makeup, artistic people, and her cat, Mini. She currently resides just outside of Toronto, Canada. Divine Abomination is her first novel.
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