Review of Marvel Fearless and Fantastic! DK Books




Marvel Fearless and Fantastic!


More than 50 incredible female Super Heroes from the Marvel Comics universe inspire girls and women of all ages to be powerful, passionate, and persistent.

From Captain Marvel and Wasp to Storm and Shuri, this beautiful book profiles dozens of aspirational female comic-book characters, all of whom use their intelligence, strength, kindness, and courage to help others and save the world. Fierce fan-favorites such as Gamora, Squirrel Girl, and Black Widow feature alongside lesser known faces from all corners of the Marvel comic-book universe. Young girls will discover modern, diverse heroes they can relate to and look up to, including America Chavez and Kamala Khan. Featuring a foreword by Marvel Comics writer Kelly Thompson, DK’s Fearless and Fantastic! is the ultimate tribute to Marvel’s most powerful women and girls, and a treasured gift for comic fans.

Illustrated with stunning comic-book artwork, and featuring inspiring quotations, each short biography is carefully curated to focus on the character’s key abilities and achievements. With four chapters based on personal qualities– Determined, Daring, Compassionate, and Curious–this book for girls and women of all ages will create new fans of comics, as well as inspiring comic-book creators of the future.

(c) 2018 MARVEL


My Review:


I have only been reading graphic novels for about a year now and this is the book I needed before I started.  Fearless and Fantastic if full of information about the female super heroes in the Marvel universe.


This book features the characters most of us know.  Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Storm, Gamora, etc.  But it also features lesser known super heroes.  The ones that aren’t in the popular movies.  Characters like Ms. Marvel (my favorite), Squirrel Girl, Dazzler, and Mockingbird.  Each character has beautiful artwork, information about them/their history, and some of their friends and allies.  This is the perfect book for someone just starting to read Marvel comics.  I was able to learn more about their backstories that I missed in the graphic novels I’ve read.


I gave this 4  1/2 stars.  The only thing I wished was for a bigger book.  I would have loved a couple pages for each hero along with another page or two of photos.  This was a quick, easy read that has already helped me out.



Have you read this book?  Do you have a favorite Marvel Super Hero?  Are there any you wish you knew more about?







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