September 2018 Book Haul (my birthday month)


I got a total of 40 books for September.  Quite a few of the purchases were made with my birthday money.  I still have a few that I pre-ordered with that money, too.


Physical Books:



Pre-orders from B&N:  Dare You To Lie, As She Ascends, Escaping From Houdini, Seafire, Small Spaces, and The Caged Queen

Pre-order from Anderson’s:  For A Muse Of Fire

Pre-orders from Good Choice Reading (signed):  Mirage & Wildcard

Purchased from Target:  Two Dark Reigns, Sadie

Purchased from B&N:  One True Loves (on clearance)




Giveaway wins:  Roar and The Year of Living Awkwardly

Half Price Books:  two travel books & The Poppy War

B&N:  7 graphic novels, Prince in Disguise, Echo After Echo, #Murdertrending, and That’s Not What Happened

Amazon:  The Star-Touched Queen, A Crown of Wishes, and The Stormrunner

ARC from Publisher:  This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story (epic reads insider)






Netgalley:  Dragon Pearl, My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream, White Stag

From Publisher (that sent a link to netgalley):  Vendetta

Edelweiss:  Evermore

Kindle sales:  Grave Mercy and Evidence of the Affair



I also got City of Ghosts from a pre-order that isn’t pictured.   So 40 total.  Two of those were books I won, one physical from a publisher, and five digital from publishers.  That means I purchased 32 books in September!  Oops!  And I’ve only read 3 of these so far.



How was your September haul?  Did you get a lot of books?







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