Some Audiobook Recommendations


My husband and I decided to try out Audible last year and now we’re both hooked.  He listens to more than I do, but we do try to listen to at least one book together per month.  We mostly listen in the car, but we’ll sometimes listen at home if we’re getting close to the end of a book.


I thought I would share some of the ones we’ve loved.  I read most of these books before listening, but it was the first time for him.




We listened to all three books in the Illuminae Files.  These are my absolute favorite audiobooks and I recommend them to everyone (though it kind of ruins all other books after).  There is a full cast and sound effects.





I believe Warcross was the first one we listened to.  I enjoyed the narrator and will probably get Wildcard once it’s out (definitely the physical book).





This is one of my favorite narrators so far.  This book was just as good the second time around.





Long Way Down is quick.  We were able to listen to the whole book in one trip.  This is one of the few that I didn’t read first and that didn’t bother me.  It was really good.  Jason Reynolds was the narrator, so it was perfect.





We listened to both Stalking Jack The Ripper and Hunting Prince Dracula.  I liked the girl who narrated.  She did well with the different voices.





We listened to both This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet.  I enjoyed revisiting this story with my husband.





A Colony In A Nation was read by Chris Hayes.  I love his show/reporting and this was such a great book.  I think we listened to this right after finishing The Hate U Give or Long Way Down.  It was the perfect book right after those.





I’m not sure why this picture is so small (it’s from goodreads).  This is the most recent book we’ve finished.  I adore Katy Tur and she reads her story.  That just made it even better.  She was so good and I loved the book.



Do you listen to audiobooks?  What are some of your favorites?  We’re listening to Scream All Night right now and I’m loving the narrator already.




Author: confessionsofayareader

My name is Kristi and I review books and mod on TBR and Beyond on Facebook. I love to travel and go to concerts. I've been married for over 20 years. I listen to a lot of pop punk. Otherwise, I'm pretty boring. We do have four grandchildren now and try to see them monthly since they don't live close. I read mostly YA and adult mystery/thrillers. I also read a lot of middle grade and some adult romance. You can also find me on facebook, twitter, and instagram (don't post often).

33 thoughts on “Some Audiobook Recommendations”

  1. I keep getting recommended the Illuminae books but I still can’t decide. I want to read them but the writing style isn’t really my thing. I’m also not a fan of multiple narrators. 😦 I was going to just let it go and decide the series isn’t for me but your recommendation has me thinking maybe it’s worth a shot…

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  2. I’m glad you put Illuminae on here. I picked up a physical copy recently and wasn’t sure how they would be able to pull off an audiobook since it’s formatted so weirdly. I’m glad they seemed to have done a good job with it.

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  3. YES!! Illuminae is my favorite audiobook to date! It so cool how they incorporated sound effects and a full cast! It deserves all the love. And I’m glad to hear THUG had a great narrator too! I’ll have to check that out one day!

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  4. I have been thinking about trying Audible for a while now. Recently my reading has really slowed down a lot and I thought it might be useful to try out Audio Books instead. Great post 🙂

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  5. I am not a fan of Audiobooks. Till now, I have listened to only one audiobook. though it was a good experience, I find it quite hard to concentrate on it. But this list is amazing. I keep seeing Illuminae series in everyone’s audiobook list. Seems like it is the best experience when you actually hear them?
    I have read only The Hate U Give from this list and I totally loved it. Can’t wait for the movie 🙂

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  6. I’ll definitely have to look up these recommendations! I’ve been listening to The Diviners series on audio. I highly recommend it! Gives the story a whole new atmosphere and the narrator is amazing!

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  7. I’ve only recently started listening to audiobooks and am halfway through my second one now. I love the change of pace from reading the books. And, while I work, I just pop in my headphones and enjoy a book at the same time. Love that I can multi-task…

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      1. I am in love with it now. I did try them a few years ago, but couldn’t consentrate on the story. This time around I think I picked a better one to start with, now I’m addicted…

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  8. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and audiobook reviews are always welcome. For me, the narration can make or break an audiobook. 🙂

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  9. I loveeeee audiobooks~! It’s nice to see some that I have loved on your list too, like Illuminae and Long Way Down! I found myself not liking the narrator of Warcross so I decided to not listen to that one, but I hope to read it soon! And I’ve heard mixed thing about the audio for The Hate U Give and This Savage Song so I’m glad to hear positive things about them – I plan to listen to both!

    Have you ever listened to Rebecca Soler? She narrates everything Marissa Meyer has written, and Caraval – thats all I’ve listened to but I love her voice 🙂

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    1. I don’t think I’ve listened to her yet. I will have to keep an eye out for her name. I actually love the narrator for The Hate U Give and try to look for books with her. The narrator for This Savage Song wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t too bad and worked ok for the book.

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      1. After listening to the entire Lunar Chronicles series as audio, I came to love her voice and I’m always happy to hear her narrate a series! 🙂 Oh thats awesome to hear about THUG, will definitely be listening to it before the movie comes out later this year! Good to know about This Savage Song – the only way I really read these days is audio, sadly don’t have much time otherwise, so I’m always curious to see what others think of narrators!

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