July 2018 Flick The Wick Unboxing




The theme for this box was “On The Open Seas”, so I knew I had to get it.  I love ocean/sea themed boxes and a big part of our house is coastal.


Please stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers!  There will be lots of pictures below.



The spoiler card was rolled up inside the bottle.  That was such a cute idea!




Three small candle tins.  Prince’s Bane (To Kill A Kingdom), Ulla & Signy (The Language of Thorns), and Alosa (Daughter of the Pirate King).  They all smell so good and I would love larger sizes of each one.




One larger jar candle.  Wolf of the Waves (Nikolai)




Mermaid Lagoon bath salts (Peter Pan)




Pirates of the Caribbean Keychain




I love this Ariel enamel pin!  This is by @DreamyandCo





Lira & Elian (To Kill A Kingdom) magnetic bookmarks.  These are also by Dreamy&Co.




This is my favorite item and I’m a bit obsessed with it!  The Language of Thorns tote bag by @EvieBookish.  It’s very thick and great quality.



Double Sided Bookmark by @DreamyandCo.  One side is Daughter of the Pirate King and the other side is The Siren.



Double Sided 5×7 print.  Jack Sparrow art by @MONOLIMEART.  Lira & Elian art by @LOWEANA.ART






I really loved this box!  Even the box itself was really pretty and I’m keeping it for storage.


Did you get this box?  What was your favorite item (even if you didn’t receive it)?  






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