May 2018 Illumicrate Unboxing


I decided to give Illumicrate a chance for May.  The box was a bit late, but I finally got it in.  It was a nice box.  Not my favorite, but still really good.  I forgot to take a picture of everything together, but I have all the individual pics to share.




Please stop reading here if you don’t want to see any spoilers.



Spoiler card for box.



Promo and book sample for other books.




Elements Page Markers by @anotherstudio_   These were exclusive and inspired by the four elements in Avatar:  The Last Airbender.




Two pins.  The Camp Half-Blood enamel pin was designed by @fableandblack.  It’s exclusive for Illumicrate.




I really like these character cards by @taratjah.  They are exclusive and are of Will, Jem, and Tessa from Infernal Devices.




#perfectfictionalworlds box by @aliceoseman.  This is exclusive.  I’m using it to store all my page flags and page markers already.  It’s really cute.




“It Is Your Time” Booksleeve by @risarodil.  This is exclusive and based off Black Panther.  It’s a nice size for paperbacks.




I picked this box partly because I knew there was going to be an ARC.  I was pretty excited to see this one.  Light Years by Kass Morgan that comes out this fall.




The main book is A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews.  It came with a signed bookplate, bookmark, and letter from the author.



It also has sprayed pages.



Bummed that I forgot to take a picture with everything before I put things up.   I’ll make sure to do better next time.



Overall, I really liked this box.  My favorite thing was probably the ARC, but I also liked the box, character cards, and element page markers a lot, too.   Honestly, there wasn’t anything that I didn’t like and I would probably buy this box again if it has a book I’m interested in.



Did you get Illumicrate?  What did you think of the box?  Do you have a favorite item (even if you didn’t get the box, just by the pictures)?





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