Wick and Fable Illuminae Files Unboxing




I’ve never purchased a box from Wick and Fable before even though I love their candles.  But this Illuminae Files box was too good to pass up.  And I’m so freaking happy that I got it.  I LOVE everything in it!


There will be spoilers now, so don’t read on if you don’t want to see.








There was one large candle.  The Illuminae Group which is raspberry, cranberry, and champagne.  It smells so good!





The box came with 4 small candles.  BeiTech is coffee, spices, and caramel.  AIDAN is sweet and tart berries.





Kerenza is mint, ice and jasmine.  The Hypatia is white musk, soft florals, and cotton.





Bearlypaper Co made these adorable Hanna & Nik bookmarks.  Nik is one of my absolute favorites, so I was thrilled to see these.





The Asha and Rhys button was designed by @thetravelingsketchbook.





Diana Worak made this Kady & Ezra print.





The keychain was designed by Dorothy Reads.





I absolutely love this Aiden enamel pin designed by @dustandpages.





I now have a new favorite woodmark.  This is from Ink and Wonder.






This gorgeous pillowcase was designed by @stellabookishart.






I really love this double sided print.





This is the spoiler card that came in the box.



This box was just incredible and I’m so happy with everything in it!  I will definitely check out other boxes from Wick and Fable now.






Did you get this box?  Or any other box from Wick and Fable?  What was your favorite item?






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