Shelflove Crate April 2018 Unboxing




I decided to try out Shelflove Crate for a couple months and this is my first one.  The theme for April was “Magical Manipulators”.  There will be spoilers after this, so please stop reading if you don’t want to see.




This is the spoiler info and newsletter.  Magical Manipulators April 2018





This is a postcard and a Queen Levana trading card (exclusive Lunar Chronicles).





KDPLetters made this Rebel of the Sands Sleep Mask.  This was made exclusively for Shelflove Crate.





I really like how pretty this spirit gem soap is.  I got Earth (but I am an air sign).  This soap was made by Corey @WillowAndHoney.





My favorite item is the woodmark from Ink and Wonder.  I have quite a few of their woodmarks already.  This one is from Six of Crows.





@LoveYouMoreStudio made this Roar coaster.





@MorganaOAnagrom made this exclusive Aelin and Rowan Tote Bag.  It was inspired by Throne of Glass.





This month’s book was Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian.  This is actually why I picked this box.  I read an ARC and really loved this book.  It also came with a signed bookplate.



Overall, I really liked this box and I’m curious to see what will be in the next one.





The theme was May is “Written In The Stars”.  The vendor reveal is Novelly Yours.  May will be their anniversary box.



Have you purchased Shelflove Crate before?  What did you think?  Do you have a favorite item from this box?




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