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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Dylan Dilemma by Patricia B. Tighe hosted by Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours.  Today I will have a deleted scene and giveaway.


The Dylan Dilemma by Patricia B. Tighe

Release Date: April 24, 2018

Publisher: Swoon Romance


The Dylan Dilemma Cover


High school senior Kenzie Harper-Shea has no time for dating, especially after the arrival of the basketball coach from hell. Now Kenzie has lost her confidence, is in a slump, and in danger of losing out on a scholarship to play college ball. The last thing she needs is her “vacation boyfriend,” Dylan McCoy, distracting her with warm smiles, inside jokes, and swoony kisses.


Dylan, however, is totally ready to date. He finally lives in the same town as Kenzie and is not about to lose the chance to let their relationship grow into something more. But for now, he’ll stay in the friend zone because he’s determined to find out what has her running scared. It can’t be just about basketball.


As Kenzie spends more time around Dylan, her feelings become a jumbled-up mess. It’s obvious they’re into each other. So, why does she panic whenever she thinks about dating him? Is it connected to basketball or to something deeper? She’s not sure. Does she have the courage to examine her heart, even if it means breaking Dylan’s?



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Deleted Scene:



If Gabby and Noah were going to kiss, I was out of there. I put Noah’s bowl among ours and headed for the kitchen. This whole zombie thing might actually be fun.

I managed to find space in the dishwasher for the three bowls, but it was too full for anything more. I dropped in a detergent pod and straightened to see Dylan four feet away holding a stack of dishes. “No more room.” I pressed start on the dishwasher.

Dylan edged past me and set the bowls in the sink. “Ready for costume modification?” he asked in such a husky voice that I stopped wiping off the counter and stared at him. His expression was friendly, but his eyes, oh man. They held an invitation in them. Something more than working on costumes. More like, “ready to go make out?”

I so wanted to accept that unspoken invitation. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t make him think we had a chance at anything more. I returned to wiping down the counter. “Yeah. I’m not quite sure what to do with a Viking costume though.”

He leaned against the cabinet. “Maybe instead of red felt you could attach something like rags. Or cut open one of the shoulders so it’s just hanging there.”

Did he just ask me to mutilate my costume to expose more flesh? I rinsed and wrung out the rag I was using before setting it out to dry. What was going on in that gorgeous head of his? I looked over. His lips were pressed together as though he’d just been grinning but didn’t want me to see. I said the first thing that came to mind. “Shut up.”

He laughed.



About the Author:




The mother of two grown sons, Patricia B. Tighe lives in West Texas with her husband and dog. She eats way too much pizza, drinks way too much coffee, and watches way too much NFL football. On the bright side, she also reads and writes teen fiction. She promises to include as much romance, angst, and adventure as possible in her books.


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  • One (1) winner will receive an Echo Dot (US Resident) or a $25 Amazon GC (INT)


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