Author Q&A with Sasha Dawn for Blink (plus my review and giveaway)


I’m super excited to have author Sasha Dawn on my blog today.  She was nice enough to reach out to me last year to read and review her new book, Blink.  I have a Q&A with Sasha and a giveaway.




Blink by Sasha Dawn


When Chatham begins to understand more about a crime she witnessed a decade ago, she disappears . . . in a blink. Finding her means more than simply saving her. It could also be the key to the town’s longest unsolved mystery. Joshua’s in love with Chatham and he’s determined to find her and untangle the web of lies and mystery surrounding her. But who is Chatham really and what is her connection to the crime that was committed so long ago?


My Review:


Blink was a mystery that pulled me in right away and kept me wanting to know more until the end.

Josh lives in Sugar Creek, a small town in Illinois. His mother had him young and their relationship is really toxic. Josh has to take care of his twin sisters while his mom works, which is a lot. He is also trying to get through school and maybe get a football scholarship. Josh is protective of his sisters. Their father is abusive and they have a protection order. The problem is that his mom keeps letting him back in.

Josh has been obsessed with the story of Rachel, a girl who went missing from the area when he was younger. Something makes him think about her a lot. One day, he meets a new girl at the beach. Chatham tells him that she’s there looking for her sister, Savannah, who ran away. Josh is drawn to Chatham. So much so that he becomes even more obsessive about her. She starts to tell him a bit about her life and he realizes that they’ve both dealth with abuse. It connects them. Chatham stays in town and they become closer, but she’s still keeping things from him. Josh falls for her and starts helping her try to find Savannah. Savannah told Chatham that their foster parents had a girl under the floorboards in the stable. There are little things that Savannah remembered about Sugar Creek and that’s why she was going there. Chatham also had dreams about a train station, which connects back to Rachel.

Most of the book is clues trying to figure out who each of these girls are and how they connect to Sugar Creek. There is some romance/sex. Also, there are warnings for anyone who can’t read about abuse. There is quite a bit of physical and emotinal abuse in the book.

I ended up enjoying this and parts of it were hard to put down. It’s hard to like many people in the book, but I still wanted to know everything.

I gave Blink 4 stars. Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy for review.



Q&A with Sasha Dawn:


What inspired you to write Blink:


The inspiration for BLINK came from many different directions, but most namely from stories of my husband’s childhood. I just love a good, layered story, for one thing, and I love flawed characters. Stories of Joshua’s life meet both bills.


What was the hardest part of writing this book?


The most challenging aspect of writing BLINK came in finding an authentic teen male voice. I have several teenaged nephews, and while they didn’t know this, I drew from their texts, calls, conversations, and emails to develop Joshua’s voice. Still, there were things my editor and I disagreed on, for style’s sake, and there are a few lines of internal dialogue that I wish had come across differently. The other side of this coin is that Joshua is not a usual teen. He’s sixteen going on forty, after all he’s been through. And he’s surrounded by females; he spends more time with his sisters than he does with his football team.


Is Sugar Creek based off a town where you grew up?


Much of my work takes place in the northern Illinois locale, where I grew up and still live. We’re close to Lake Michigan, and inland, the place is riddled with smaller lakes, ponds, and waterways. Sugar Creek is an amalgamation of every small lake town I’ve ever frequented, but much of it is fictional. I wish we had a Tiny Elvis Cafe…I’d love to hang out there.


Who was your favorite character to write?


My favorite character, with the exception of Joshua, is probably Aiden. I love his aloof attitude and generosity. I hope to meet him in another book someday.


What was the weirdest thing you had to research for Blink?


The strangest thing I had to research in writing BLINK is probably the rural train routes from Georgia to Chicago. I also had to research some very sad things, such as missing children, patterns of abuse, and decomposition rates of bone.

Some of the fun things I got to research, however, were football plays, Elvis songs, and four-year-old twin girls, whom I named after my best friend’s daughters, Margaret (who is a junior at Boston University and with whom I’m currently writing a book), and Caroline (who is a junior in high school, and always pre-reads my books).



Thank you Sasha for taking the time to answer my questions.



Visit Sasha on her website here.  You can also follow her on twitter @_SashaDawn.

“Sasha Dawn writes YA mysteries; Brandi Reeds writes for Adults. Both write to thrill!”






One signed hardcover copy of Blink (US)


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Hardcover, 344 pages
Expected publication: May 1st 2018 by Carolrhoda Books



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