Not so popular (on blogs) books that I really liked. YA Part two.


Today I’m sharing some books that I rated 4+ stars that aren’t as popular (either by ratings or from bloggers).  There are too many to share the full descriptions of, but I hope you check them out on goodreads for the summaries.  This is part two of the YA edition.



This book made me cry.  A 16 year old girl who got pregnant after having sex once.




Questions about sexuality and a boy obsessed with Debbie Harry.




I find myself loving Australian authors and this was no exception.




Another Australian author.  This is the second book I’ve read by Emily and I loved both of them.




The author of this book was 14 when she wrote this and it made it feel more authentic.




Pushing the Boundaries made me want to go help out in Haiti.




A girl with a scar.  Plus science and music.  I really enjoyed this one.




I loved the couple in this book.




A cute romance and a bearded dragon for a pet.




This was one of my favorite contemporary reads from last year.  I love this book.




Romance with demons and a curse.




This is a series about a girl who can see ghosts.  There is also time travel.




Harbingers of death and beekeepers.  This book was different than any others I’ve read.




This book has a sad story, but there was a lot of humor, too.  And I loved all the relationships in it.




A new vampire book that was a bit different than others I’ve read.




A plus sized fashion blogger who is gay.  Great friendship with a guy that I loved, too.



That’s it for awhile.  I am sure I can keep making these types of posts, but I’ve given you all quite a few over three posts and don’t want to overwhelm anyone.  I hope you find something that interests you that you might not have heard of before.


Have you read any of these?





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