March 2018 LitJoy Crate Unboxing: Poor Unfortunate Souls




The theme for March’s LitJoy Crate box was “Poor Unfortunate Souls”.  I love mermaids and anything ocean themed, so I knew I had to buy this crate.  I absolutely love it!  There will be spoilers from now on, so please stop reading if you don’t want to know what was in the box.



I don’t wear earrings, but these compass earrings are really cute.  I’ve giving them to my daughter.





Not going to lie, I love this quote from To Kill A Kingdom.





This Mermaid Sequins Pillow Cover is one of my favorite items.  I can’t wait to get a pillow insert for it.  This is a Litjoy Exclusive.  It’s hard to get a picture that shows how pretty it is.





This is a faux fur Heart-of-the-Sea keychain.  It’s super soft.





Another favorite item was the Seashell Lights.  They are a LitJoy Crate exclusive and they really fit our style (we have a lot of coastal items in our house).





Manelle Oliphant of @talesfantastic made this beautiful print.  I plan on framing this one.





Melissa of @nerdygirldesigns made this adorable Ariel vinyl sticker.  We also got a “shelfies over selfies” pin and bookmark from Swoonreads.





This newsletter has the items included, a bit about the book and author, and theme for next month’s box.





The book this month is To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo and I cannot wait to read this one!  There was also a signed bookplate.







Next month’s there is Darlings & Deception for the YA Box.  Did you get this month’s box?  What was your favorite item? 




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