Book signing for Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (Obsidio)


As soon as I saw the announcement for this tour, I knew I had to go.  Anderson’s Bookshop in La Grange, IL hosted Amie and Jay on Friday March 16, 2018.  I loved Illuminae and Gemina and had been looking forward to Obsidio the second I finished book two.




This was probably my favorite author event so far.  Amie and Jay talked for a long time and were so funny.  They talked about how they met (and how Amie bribed Jay with bacon, but not American bacon), how the book came about (Amie had an anxiety dream), how much they loved the audiobooks, and a new series they are writing together.




They also answered audience questions and questions from the moderator.  We found out that Jay wrote the main male characters and Amie wrote the main female characters.  But besides those, they didn’t stick to the same sex characters to write.  Jay wrote Aiden.  The analyst was the character they wrote together.




The book started out as an idea of a book in e-mail format and grew from there.  Jay worked in graphic design, so he knew that he wanted to add more to it.   For book two (Gemina), they wanted to add drawings.  They knew they loved Marie Lu’s work, but they kept looking for someone similar.  It took them awhile to realize they could just ask Marie since they are friends.  They talked about so much that it’s impossible to type it all out.  I highly suggest going to their event if you have a chance to.




After the talk, they opened it up for signing.  I was number 23 in line, but it took a little while to get up there.  They were nice enough to sign every book people brought with them.  I just had my three with me and had all three signed.  I could have brought some of their other books, but I wasn’t sure what the limit would be.  Some signings only allow 3.












They also had Amie’s new book for sale early, so I picked it up after the signing.  Jay gave out previews of LifeL1k3 (which I have a digital arc of).




Have you met either author before?  Were you able to attend an Obsidio event?  What are your thoughts on the books (no spoilers please)?





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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’m hoping they come to the UK! I’m about to finish Illuminae, with the other two arriving today and I’m loving it so much ❤️

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