Tomi Adeyemi in conversation with Veronica Roth at Anderson’s Bookshops Naperville, IL





I was lucky enough to attend another book signing (with my husband, thank you Jesse) at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL.  Tomi Adeyemi was there promoting Children of Blood and Bone on March 8, 2018.  Veronica Roth was there with her to ask questions.

This event was packed.  They actually sold out of the book twice.  Because of this, my husband was standing pretty far back and most of the pictures are super grainy.  I still want to share them though.




Veronica asked a lot of great questions and they were both laughing a lot during the event.  The audience didn’t get to ask too many because of the time limits, but there were a few really good questions asked by them, too.




Some of the things discussed were how Tomi got the inspiration for this book, the large cats and how she really wants a dog, Avatar the Last Airbender, how this was her second book she was trying to sell, the language and pronunciations, and how she’s working on book two still.  One question from an audience member was really interesting and stood out to me.  She asked if Storm from X-Men was an influence because of the white hair.  Tomi explained how Storm was based off of Orisha and that she was her favorite growing up.




Tomi grew up in Illinois (and now lives in San Diego), so she had some high school friends and family there.  There were a lot of people taking pictures and I even saw the CBS Chicago news there with a video camera.  Since there were so many people, they didn’t do personalized signings.   I was so happy that I ordered my book early and was number one in the signing line.




Besides how crowded and loud it was at times, it was a great event.  I really enjoyed listening to Tomi and would have loved to hear her talk longer.








We will be attending at least one more event in March, so check back soon for the photos from that one.  Have you read Children of Blood and Bone yet?  I really hope I can get to it soon.  I’ve heard so many good things about it.



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6 thoughts on “Tomi Adeyemi in conversation with Veronica Roth at Anderson’s Bookshops Naperville, IL”

  1. So cool! I was hoping Veronica Roth would do a signing at Andersons of her own but it seems she’s not doing a Chicago signing other than C2E2 this year. I couldn’t justify a ticket to that just for a signing so I just ordered a signed book on B&N haha. I did see her last year for a signing up by Highland Park for Carve the Mark though so I can’t get too greedy I suppose!

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      1. She is! When I saw her the talk was about a day or so before the book was released so the only bummer was that she couldn’t talk about the book much because no one had read it yet but she was funny. I got to meet her afterwards and she was so incredibly sweet too!

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