Q&A with Road to Eugenica author A.M. Rose




Today I have author A.M. Rose answering some questions to help promote the release of her book Road To Eugenica.


About The Book:


Two dimensions – And the girl who connects them.

Yesterday, Drea Smith couldn’t do anything spectacular—even walking and texting at the same time was a challenge. But today, she suddenly has more answers than Google, can speak and understand numerous languages, and she can fight. Like a boss.

Super freaky.

Drea has no idea where her encyclopedic knowledge has come from, but she’ll take it when she discovers someone out there knows her secret and wants her badly. And that they’ve been searching for her since she was born.

Since she was created.

With the help of her best friend Dylan, who just wants to keep her safe, and Maddox, a mysterious new boy who is prepared to get her answers, Drea will have to push her new skills to their limit as she uncovers nothing is quite what it seems.

As she uncovers…Eugenica.



About The Author:


a.m. rose







A.M. Rose is the writer of young adult novels, drinker of too much coffee (with way too much coconut creamer), and lover of all carbohydrates.
Currently, she lives in Houston, TX with her three boys (yes, her husband is in that count) and three cats. When she isn’t writing, she is an avid reader, critiquer, (is that even a word?) and trampoline enthusiast.
She is a graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Communication and a minor in underwater basket weaving. (Okay, maybe not the basket weaving part.)
Follow her on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/annmrose



Q&A with A.M. Rose:


What was the inspiration for this book?


I seem to be able to find inspiration in some of the oddest places, and this is true for this book. I’d been sitting at my desk (at my day job) and an ad popped up for an electricity company with an image of “The Home of the Future.” It was really cool with this digitally drawn woman standing in her kitchen with an image of a computer screen displayed on the counter. This got me thinking about what technology would be like in the future and that led to how our world could be different if we invested more in renewable energies. Not long after, the world of Eugenica was born.

For the MC it wasn’t as odd. She’s modeled after my daughter from another mother, my heart, my niece.


What is the weirdest thing you had to research for this book?  What is your search history like for it?


Drea ends up having all these amazing abilities, and at one point I was thinking, what if she had to build a bomb or something? Luckily, before my fingers started typing that out, and most likely getting me on every government watch list imaginable, I decided that probably wasn’t a good idea and moved on.


But since Drea is pretty proficient in just about everything I had to do a ton of research. Some things in my Google search history included; photography, high school schedules, French, Ukrainian, Spanish, baking, surfing, surfing lingo, lacrosse, lacrosse lingo, Kung Fu, Shakespeare, maps of California and Nevada, San Diego, San Francisco, Hollywood, hospital procedures, computer hacking, and the list goes on and on.


What are some of your favorite sci fi books?


I think one of my favorite has to be Cinder by Marissa Meyer. The way she turned Cinderella into a science fiction book that wasn’t only relatable, but also unique enough that I honestly wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I do have to admit when I picked up Scarlet I was pissed at first. I wanted to know what happened to Cinder. I didn’t care who this Scarlet girl was. Unfortunately for me, she ended up being my least favorite character, but mostly because I was so bitter that her story felt like an interruption from book 1.


The Giver is also another one of my favorites. And maybe somewhere in the back of my mind it was there when I was creating Eugenica. The people where Jonas lives think their world is perfect, just like Eugenicans believe their world, their way of life to be the best.



Do you have a favorite character in the book?  And if so, why are they your favorite?


I think you’re asking who my favorite character is in my book, Road to Eugenica. Which in that case you’d probably think I’d say my main character, Drea. But actually, I think my favorite is Dylan. We only get to see him through Drea’s eyes, but if we were in his head he’s a really complex character with lots of things going on in his mind. (Hint, hint. In book 2 we’ll get to dig a little deeper with him and see some things in his POV.)


Do you base characters off of people you know?


Yes, and no. So like I mention before Drea is slightly modeled after my niece. I wanted her to have some of her similar qualities, but of course since it is a story some of those are amplified. Most of time my characters end up being a mixture of personalities from friends, or people I’ve interacted with and can’t be pin pointed to one person. And then sometimes I just borrow names of people I know. Some people use baby name books, I use Facebook. So some of my friends might see characters with similar names but nothing else.


This is your debut book.  What was the hardest part of the process?  Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?


The hardest part of publishing in general is waiting. The motto of the publishing world should be “hurry up and wait.” Seriously. And I think it’s because in those in-between times, the waiting just seems longer than it should, longer than it really is. Two weeks doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you are waiting it feels like an eternity.


As for advice, especially with your first novel it would be to, take your time. I know you’re excited to get your story out there and start querying. (I was there too.) But the biggest disservice you can do to yourself and your story is to submit it too early. Invest in craft books, join a critique group, and if you can’t find one start your own. It will help you develop a tough skin and become a better writer. (Because criticism can be tough to take at any stage of the game.) If you can, go to conferences, and network with others in the industry. There are people with a wealth of knowledge that are willing to share it. So listen and learn from what they have to say.


I see that you’re a coffee lover.  What is your favorite coffee drink?  


Picking a favorite coffee drink is close to impossible. Every morning I have coffee with Coffee-Mate coconut creamer. (If you haven’t tried it, it’s amazing!) On the few occasions I hit a Starbucks it’s either a dirty chia latte, or a caramel macchiato either with coconut milk. (Are you sensing a theme here?) And during the winter months those Butterscotch lattes are what I think a hot butter beer with espresso would taste like. In the summer it’s iced coffee all the way.



Thank you A. M. Rose for taking the time to answer my questions and share a little bit of info with the readers.


Expected publication for Road to Eugenica is February 5th 2018 by Entangled Teen.



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