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Welcome to my stop of the RockStar Book Tour for Dear Dwayne, With Love by Eliza Gordon!  I will have an excerpt from the book to share plus a giveaway.



About The Book:


Author: Eliza Gordon

Pub. Date: January 23, 2018

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Pages: 380

Formats: Paperback, eBook, audiobook

Find it: AmazonAudibleB&NTBDGoodreads


DEAR DWAYNE WITH LOVE Eliza Gordon cover 2



Wannabe actress Dani Steele’s résumé resembles a cautionary tale on how not to be famous. She’s pushing thirty and stuck in a dead-end insurance job, and her relationship status is holding at uncommitted. With unbearably perfect sisters and a mother who won’t let her forget it, Dani has two go-tos for consolation: maple scones and a blog in which she pours her heart out to her celebrity idol. He’s the man her father never was, no boyfriend will ever be—and not so impossible a dream as one might think. When Dani learns that he’s planning a fund-raising event where the winning amateur athlete gets a walk-on in his new film, she decides to trade pastries and self-doubt for running shoes and a sexy British trainer with adorable knees.

But when Dani’s plot takes an unexpected twist, she realizes that her happy ending might have to be improvised—and that proving herself to her idol isn’t half as important as proving something to herself.

* * *

This is a work of fiction. While Dwayne Johnson p/k/a The Rock is a real person, events relating to him in the book are a product of the author’s imagination. Mr. Johnson is not affiliated with this book, and has not endorsed it or participated in any manner in connection with this book.



Our main character, Danielle Steele with an E, is in her “book club” meeting at work (they’re called the MotherCluckers and mostly they just eat delicious sugary snacks and gossip). Here, Dani’s agent Janice, nicknamed Lady Macbeth (for reasons), is trying to get hold of Dani for some killer news:


“You guys, my phone has gone off four times in twenty minutes. I gotta . . .” I hold it up in front of me. We have a no-phone policy while we’re in here, except in the event of kid or cat emergencies. I have neither kid nor cat, but now I’m worried Mommy left the stove on and burned down her kitchen again, or maybe one of my derpy sisters botched a rhinoplasty or the other lost her Bob Ross DVDs.

I step out of the sealed room. The three text messages and missed calls are all from Lady Macbeth. Awesome. She’s probably pissed I didn’t stay for the audition.

First text: Sorry about that cattle call. U busy? Very cool news.

Second text: Srsly call me.

Third text: WHERE R U DANI I have an amz’g opp for you.

And a voicemail, her voice breathy and excited: “Danielle Elizabeth Steele, you’d better get off the toilet or wherever you are and call me immediately! You’re going to love me forever!”

I dial. “Janice, it’s Dani. Should I be worried?”

“Oh sweet Jesus, I thought you’d dropped off the planet. Are you sitting down?”

“No, not really—”

“So there’s a charity event coming up in August—for some children’s hospital—and they’re doing this thing, this Ironman-like thing with racing or swimming or whatever, and the event organizers have put word out to all the agencies in the city to let their performers know.”

“Okayyyy . . . And this applies to me how?” The last time I stepped on a treadmill, I think Friends was still on in prime time.

“Well, the winners of each of the four age divisions win a walk-on role, possibly with lines, to a major motion picture being filmed here this fall.”

“And?” While I did a lot of feature-film auditions in LA, the Portland scene is a bit thin on major films. But why would I want to compete in a physical contest for a walk-on role where I’m on and then off the screen in the amount of time it takes you to shovel a handful of popcorn into your face?

“Danielle . . . your Moon and Stars, the man who makes your heart go pitter-pat—Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson—is sponsoring the contest, and he’s starring in the film.”

“Wait. What?”

The Rock is sponsoring this event—called Rock the Tots—and you’d get to spend a day on set with Mr. Dreamy Muscle Pants, and you guys could hang out and do push-ups and eat protein bars or whatever.”

My brain buzzes. Not sure if it’s sugar or excitement or sugar-fueled excitement, but Oh happy day The Rock is coming to Portland to make a movie and I could be in that movie and maybe he’ll want to be BFFs and then he’d put me in all his future movies as that hip, cool, undercover cop/spy/sex goddess and we could make funny Instagram videos together about all the fun we’re having on set and . . .

I might pass out.



About Eliza Gordon:





Eliza Gordon has excellent taste in books, shoes, movies, and friends, and questionable sanity in the realm of love. Best leave that one alone.

In real life, she’s an editor, mom, wife, and bibliophile and proud parent of one very spoiled tuxedo cat. Eliza writes stories to help you believe in the Happily Ever After; Jennifer Sommersby, her other self, writes YA and is repped by Daniel Lazar at Writers House.


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Eliza’s Newsletter| Tumblr | Pinterest | Goodreads



Giveaway Details: International

1 winner will receive a DEAR DWAYNE, WITH LOVE Prize Pack including a finished copy of the book and swag! International.


Ends on February 13th at Midnight EST!


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Tour Schedule:

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Thank you for checking out my post today and make sure you check out some of the other tour stops above!






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