Review of Welcome Home by various authors, edited by Eric Smith




Welcome Home  Short stories by various authors.  Edited by Eric Smith


Welcome Home collects a number of adoption-themed fictional short stories, and brings them together in one anthology from a diverse range of celebrated Young Adult authors. The all-star roster includes Edgar-award winner Mindy McGinnis, New York Times bestselling authors C.J. Redwine (The Shadow Queen) and William Ritter (Jackaby), and acclaimed YA authors across all genres, like Adi Alsaid, Lauren Gibaldi, Sangu Mandanna, Karen Akins, and many more.


My Review:


I enjoyed every story in Welcome Home. I rated each story separately. 3-4 meant that I liked the story and how it was presented. 4 1/2-5 meant that I really wanted more to the stories. Something connected to me a bit more in those ones. Overall, I gave the book 4 stars.

Carlos and the Fifteen-Year-Old Heart by Adi Alsaid 4 stars

Strong Enough by Karen Akins 4 stars

The Sign by Erica M. Chapman 4 stars

Up by a Million by Caela Carter 5 stars This one stood out a bit more than some of the others. An 18 year old visits her mom in jail because her foster mom wants to adopt her.

Mama’s Eyes by Libby Cudmore 5 stars I should have expted Libby’s story to be a bit freaky after reading The Big Rewind a couple years ago. This was definitely a darker story which made it stand out.

A Kingdom Bright and Burning by Dave Connis 3 1/2 stars

The Inexplicable Weight of Mountains by Helene Dunbar 3 1/2 stars

Webbed by Julie Eshbaugh 4 1/2 stars

Life: Starring Tallulah Grey by Lauren Gibaldi 4 stars

Salvation by Shannon Gibney 4 stars

Twenty-Seven Days by Jenny Kaczorowski 4 1/2 stars

Ink Drips Black by Julie Leung 3 1/2 stars

Upon The Horizon’s Verge by Sangu Mandanna 5 stars This one was about a girl who was giving up her daughter. She knew it would be hard, but also had faith she was doing the right thing. Especially when she met a girl who seemed familar to her.

Lullaby by Matthew Quinn Martin 4 stars

Census Man by Mindy McGinnis 3 1/2 stars

Invited by Lauren Morrill 4 1/2 stars

Empty Lens by Tameka Mullins 4 stars

A Lesson in Biology by Sammy Nickalis 4 stars

Tunneling Through by Shannon M. Parker 4 stars

Broken Stars by C.J. Redwine 4 stars

The Snow-Covered Sidewalk by Randy Ribay 4 stars

Deeply by William Ritter 4 stars

Meant to be Broken by Stephanie Scott 4 stars

Moving the Body by Natasha Sinel 5 stars This was another darker story that stood out to me. Mom needs help moving body and asked her oldest (adopted) son.

In Pieces by Eric Smith 4 stars

Peace of Paper by Courtney Stevens 5 stars This one stood out because the boy was 19 and was able to find a real family.

Happy Beginning by Nic Stone 4 stars

The Take Back by Kate Watson 5 stars Kate’s writing stood out to me. It made me feel a bit more than many of the other stories. This one has a teen boy who is upset about his parents not being able to adopt a baby girl after the birth mom backed out.

Jar of Broken Wishes by Tristina Wright 3 1/2 stars

Being about adoption and the foster system, readers should expect some trigger issues and a lot of emotions. Please be aware before picking this one up. Each story was written well and there were sad moments, terrifying moments, and also some happy moments.

Thank you to Eric Smith for sending me a copy of Welcome Home for review.


Published September 5th 2017 by Flux


Have you read Welcome Home?  What did you think of it?



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