Review of Lies That Bind by Diana Rodriguez Wallach (arc)



Lies That Bind by Diana Rodriguez Wallach


The Italian Job meets Bourne Identity meets Spy Kids in this sequel to Proof of Lies.

What if saving yourself meant destroying everyone you love?

Still reeling from everything she learned while searching for her sister in Italy, Anastasia Phoenix is ready to call it quits with spies. Then she and her friends learn that Marcus’s—her kinda boyfriend—brother, Antonio, has also gone missing. Luckily, they track down Antonio in a fiery festival in England, only to learn he has been working for the enemy, Department D, the whole time. But Antonio wants out. And so does Anastasia.

But before any of them can leave espionage and their parents’ crimes behind them, a close friend turns up dead. No one is safe, not while Department D still exists. So Anastasia and her friends embark on a dangerous plan to bring down an entire criminal empire, using every Dresden Kid they can find.

As their world becomes surrounded by spies, and the children of spies, Anastasia starts to question who she can really trust. Including her best friends…


Lies That Bind starts off right where book one left off.  Anastasia and her friends are trying to figure out if her parents are alive or not, and also trying to figure out how to stay safe from Department D.

This time, they look for help from other kids from Department D, hoping to find proof that they can use to bring them down.  Everyone is back including Marcus’ brother, Antonio, whom Anastasia has trouble trusting.  It gets to the point where she has trouble trusting most of her group.  Especially when another friend is killed.

This book is great for anyone who likes spy/espionage mixed into young adult.  It had a good pacing, but I did find that I liked book one better.  I still enjoyed it and wanted to know what happened.  I’m looking forward to finding out how it all ends in book three.

I gave this one 3  1/2 stars (rounded up to 4 on goodreads).  I received a copy of this book from Entangled Teen for review.


Lies That Bind is expected to be released March 6, 2018 from Entangled Teen.



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