YA Lit Conference (part two)

Thanks for coming back for part two.   If you missed it, I posted the first half of the day on the blog yesterday.


11:25 was the second break out session.  For this one, we chose Navigating Today’s Issues Through Literature.  This panel was Kayla Ancrum, Peter Bognanni, Amy Reed, Adam Silvera, and Kim Turrisi.



This panel was really interesting.  The authors talked about teens and parents, using writing as therapy from teen years, and they gave book recommendation for teens trying to figure themselves out.  They talked about their books and diversity in literature.




12:30 was a nice plated lunch.  There were two authors at each table, so it was nice to interact with them.


1:35 was the last breakout session.  For this one, we chose Fantastical World Building.  This included these authors:  Livia Blackburne, Elly Blake, Traci Chee, Jessica Cluess, Julie C Dao, Lisa Maxwell, Morgan Rhodes, Margaret Rogerson, and Peternelle van Arsdale.




Some of the topics discussed were:  details important to a fantasy world, maps of the world and when do you develop them, outlines & development, plotter or pantser, hero or villian, and myths & legends.







2:40 was the third keynote speaker, Ryan Graudin.




Ryan spoke about her books, influences including history, and traveling.  She talked about how her brother’s disaster book helped influence some of her writing, especially about the Titanic.





3:15 was the final keynote speaker, Adam Silvera.




As usual, Adam got serious and I teared up while he was talking.  He talked about sadness, writing fanfiction at 11 (Harry Potter and Charmed), depression, bisexual fantasy, and how you can be happy outside and not inside.  Adam talked about how his books are sad because there really is no happy ending when you’re a teen.  He also talked about his mom that works as a social worker at a shelter.  Some of these shelters just see people as the funds they will get, but his mom sees them as human beings.  It was such a powerful moment when he talked about a story about his mom helping a gay man who was beat up at the shelter.  This is when the tears started.   I could listen to Adam speak weekly.  He’s become one of my favorite authors, not just for his books, but for him as a person.  He’s just incredible.




3:45 was for raffles and the silent auction winners.


4:00 was author signings.  We actually got through these pretty quickly and I think we were done by 4:30.  I purchased some books there and brought some from home.  Had I known how short the lines were, I would have brought more from home.


I got all these books signed.





I really enjoyed this conference and hope to attend again next year.











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