YA Lit Conference (part one)


I was lucky enough to get to attend the 14th annual Young Adult Literature Conference in Lisle, IL.  This was hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop.  Saturday November 4th, was the day for teachers, librarians, and adult fans of YA.  My husband and I attended that day as fans.


The day started at 7:15am with a continental breakfast along with the bookstore opening.


At 8am, they did a welcome, introductions, and announcements.


8:20 was the first key note speaker.  This one was Nicola Yoon.





Nicola spoke a lot about diversity, empathy, and politics in the world today.  She explained that books help create empathy.




At 8:55, there was a short talk about What’s New in YA Lit.  Two employees of Anderson’s spoke about some of the books they have loved this year and recommend.  I was able to add some more to my TBR.


9:45 was the next keynote speaker, Sara Shepard.




Sara spoke about teachers and librarians that helped influence and encourage her growing up, a bit about the Pretty Little Liars TV show, being a ghost writer, and how when she was young, she thought she could write all these books, but struggled to write anything after chapter one.




At this point, we had to decide which breakout sessions to attend.  The choices were:  Citizens of the World, Fantastical World Building, Get Real, Love Contemporary Style, Mystery! Thriller! Suspense!, Navigating Today’s Issues Through Literature, and Out of this World Sci-fi and Beyond.


We chose Mystery! Thriller! Suspense!  for our first panel.  The authors for this one were:  MC Atwood, Tara Goedjen, Kerri Maniscalco, Daria Polatin, Sara Shepard, Kara Thomas, and Lynn Weingarten.




Each panel started with a moderator (we were lucky to have the same one for all three) asking questions and then they opened it up for audience q&a.  Some of the standout topics were fears, if they know who the killer is when they start writing, and favorite horror movies and books.   They also talked about some of the interesting topics that they had to research for their books.




Make sure you come back tomorrow for part two of the YA conference.   There is just too much for one post.  



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