Discussion Post: Why is there so much hate towards certain authors?


I’m still fairly new to Twitter, but I’m definitely seeing a lot of hate on there and Goodreads, so I thought I would start a post about some of what I’m seeing.


I know that not everyone will like the same books.  We all take things differently from them.  Some people read into things more than others.  Some people want things to only be realistic and others are good with knowing that books don’t have to be real or even happy.

But I see a lot of hostility towards certain authors.  Especially popular authors.  Why is this?

Is it because people just tend to hate what is popular?  Is there something secret that I don’t know about with them?

I understand not liking an author, but I see full on nasty, hate filled posts and reviews.  Some of it has to do with diversity issues, but I don’t think that is all of it.


I’m all for writing a negative book review if you hated something.  But the full on attacks are really strange to me.  Rating a book based on someone else’s review is strange to me, too.


So what are your thoughts?  Do you participate in the gang up attacks or do you stay quiet and still give all the books a chance?  If you join in, why do you do it?


I’m definitely not trying to start any drama, but thought this could be something to help me understand a little more.  I brought up the question of diversity at a YA literature conference this weekend because it seems like such a hot topic.  I wanted to know how the authors saw it.  I think the best thing they pointed out is that you can’t go into writing thinking you can please everyone.  That you just research and do your best to not hurt anyone.  But you can’t let it change the way you write or make you write only what you know.  (this was a reply from Adam Silvera)



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23 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Why is there so much hate towards certain authors?”

  1. It’s wrong to attack someone just because you don’t like their book, It doesn’t make sense, They are also human they can’t please everyone, every book is their efforts for years. If you don’t like a book you have right to criticize the book, not the author. I mostly don’t make assumptions on other reviews, If I want to read a book I’ll read it whatever others reviews are. Everyone has different taste in reading, It is not necessary if someone didn’t like something, the case will be same for you.

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  2. I too don’t understand why there is so much hate? If anyone is liking/not-liking any story it’s their choice.Who are you to say anything to anyone? It’s their personal choice.
    I certainly don’t do this and try to not influence my reviews by the others. I was recently reading a book which was not at all interesting to me but many of my fellow bloggers liked it too much. Now I can’t complain and neither should I do it. Because it’s their taste. If you didn’t like a story, it doesn’t mean that that author is not good. Sometimes that story is not for you. As simple as that!

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  3. I see a lot of this as well – particularly hate towards SJM and Maggie Stiefvater – and while I don’t always like their books myself, it’s not right to attack them personally. I think you’re right, it might be a issue of diversity – as in authors don’t write diversely, or don’t include it accurately – but I also think a part of it, like you said, is people actively going out of their way to hate on what is popular. A combination of both, I guess. I think people tend to forget that authors are humans too, like the way they forget people on Twitter and GR are humans too not just virtual people on your screen, and it’s terrible to treat them that way. If they make a mistake, tell them, don’t attack them – for e.g. a person I follow on Twitter had an issue with something Rick Riordan had in one of his books in reference to Native American symbolism (from what I remember). She told him about the inaccurate portrayal, and he corrected it in his next book! Which is great. But then I’ve also seen another person I follow on Twitter post about the importance of trigger warnings in books (which is important) but then tagged an author who didn’t do it correctly and ranted about it. I was uncomfortable by that.
    I also feel that sometimes a lot of this hate can be performative – people “performing” for a group of people: acting a certain way, starting drama – in order to get likes and follows. An author – I forget which one now – came up with a term called performative reviewing, where a reviewer goes out of their way to criticise everything about a book, including the author, because of how many likes/follows it will get them. It’s a real issue, and once I learned about that term, I saw it EVERYWHERE.
    This is a great post, thank you for opening up a dialogue!!

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    1. Thank you for your reply. I think you’re right that sometimes it might be just to start drama or get followers. That does make sense for some of it because those rants get a lot of attention. And tagging an author in something negative is weird or would make me very uncomfortable. I only tag them in positive things.

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  4. i know for certain authors that I’ve seen it’s because they’re books are really problematic and when spoken to about it they don’t care or change it. Besides that i don’t really seem any hate on my side bc i stay away from the big book twitter pages bc they complain all the time lol

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  5. I certainly don’t participate in gang attack! Bashing is one of my pet peeves. I give the book all its chance if it’s a genre I like of course. I don’t understand why people are attacking others like that when there are things more serious than books! I love books it’s my main hobby but this is not the world war. So chill out 😉

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  6. I definitely understand your point! I don’t get why people hate on authors so much. Not everyone likes the same books of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to send hate messages to the authors or what not, right? I have some negative reviews myself, but that negativity is directed towards the books and not the people who wrote them.

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  7. Yeah I think there’s a huge difference between a negative review and attacking the author. Obviously saying you don’t like a book is one thing, but dogpiling the author is another (although I do want to clarify that there’s a difference between saying something like “I don’t understand why the author chose to do x” and “the author is a terrible person for doing x”- I think that the former, though it may sound like criticism of the author, is still criticism of the work). I also don’t think that people should be tweeting all their complaints *at* the authors- I mean, have your say, but it doesn’t have to be so targeted (I mean, everyone’s entitled to their opinion and say what you want about a book, but maybe it would be more considerate to not bombard the author, cos they’re just a person doing their job). As for rating a book because of someone else’s review- I don’t think that’s cool at all. Reviews should always be the individuals personal opinion- not parroting someone else’s reviews (I have seen people saying they read a book, liked it, but ended up lowering the rating cos of something they read elsewhere- I don’t personally agree with that) So yeah, I fundamentally agree with you- bashing authors isn’t cool. Great post (and sorry for rambling- it’s a great topic for discussion!)

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  8. I have seen so much hate in some people’s reviews and I don’t agree with the gang-up posts or reviews. And I didn’t know there were people rating books based on another’s review – I don’t agree with that at all because you are just sharing someone else’s opinions without even giving the book a shot. Great post and I hope you get your answers.

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  9. I absolutely agree with you! I don’t know why some people blatantly bash some authors and their books. It’s obvious not everybody’s going to feel the same way but that doesn’t give them the right to bash a hard work of the author instead of politely stating out the facts. I seriously hate that.

    Great post btw! ❤

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  10. I don’t understand why there is so much hate either… It makes me actually a little sad. Because I think even when you don’t like a book than critic the book itself but not the author because they are most of the time lovely people even when they maybe rode something you don’t agree with. Sometimes authors write about stuff or characters they don’t agree with because it is important for the story or to point it out. But that doesn’t mean they agree with what this person does. So it’s to hate on an author just because they include sometimes characters who are doing something wrong because I think the author knows that the character is doing something wrong they are writing them after all.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts! I’m glad that people are still replying to this post. There are definitely some bad people out there that write things because they are racist, but I think that others may read into some stories too much. I like to look at some of them as warnings, not that the author wants things like that anymore. But honestly, I do see now that there are some authors who are racist/homophobic and it definitely is an issue.


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