Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you to Audrey Writes Abroad for nominating me for this award.


The Rules:

  1.   Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their post.
  2.   Write a post to show your award.
  3.   Give a brief history of how your blog started.
  4.   Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  5.   Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  6.   Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post.


I’m not going to do the nominations right now, but if you want to do this, please consider yourself nominated by me.  Please make sure you let me know you did it so I can read your post.


My blog:

I put off starting a blog for awhile.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it, but I finally decided that it didn’t matter than much.  It was for me first.  I’ve been reviewing books on goodreads and through netgalley for a couple years now.   When I decided to try Edelweiss, I was told by one publisher that they don’t approve anyone without a blog with at least 300 followers.  That was my final push.

I really wanted to share my love for books and find like minded people to talk to.  I have a few people in real life that are book nerds, but not a ton.  Starting this blog has helped me connect with others.  It also helps me spread the word about certain books that I’ve loved.  It’s great to be able to help authors and publishers.

Not a very exciting start, but I’m really happy with how things are going so far.  It’s challenging at times to find things to talk about daily, but I find that I like that challenge.


Two pieces of advice for new bloggers:

My blog is just under 3 months old (pretty sure), so I’m not sure I can give the best advice.  I’m still learning.  But I would say one would be to keep at it.  Don’t give up early because no one is participating.  Do this for yourself.  Keep posting and people will pay attention.  The other thing would be to follow other bloggers.  Comment or like their posts.  This has helped me get followers.  If bloggers notice someone always reading their blogs, they’re more likely to start reading yours, too.


Thanks again to Audrey Writes Abroad for the nomination.

Author: confessionsofayareader

I'm Kristi. I'm a wife, mom, and grandma. I have been breeding leopard geckos for ten years. I love to read and have been trying to review more books (the reason for this blog besides wanting to talk about books with everyone). I also love music and going to concerts, mostly punk and pop punk.

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