Review of Kat and Meg Conquer the World by Anna Priemaza (digital arc)




Summary from Goodreads:

Kat and Meg couldn’t be more different.

Kat’s anxiety makes it hard for her to talk to new people. The only place she feels safe is in front of her computer, playing her favorite video game.

Meg hates being alone, but her ADHD keeps pushing people away. Friends. Her boyfriend. Even the stepfather who raised her.

But when the two girls are thrown together for a year-long science project, they discover they do have one thing in common: their obsession with the online gaming star LumberLegs and his hilarious videos.

Meg’s pretty sure this is fate. Kat doesn’t know how to deal with someone who talks faster than she thinks. But if they can stick together and stay out of their heads, they might figure out how to help each other—and build the kind of friendship Kat never knew she wanted and Meg never believed she’d find.


My thoughts:

I loved Kat and Meg Conquer the Universe.

Sometimes opposites truly attract.  And it’s not just for romantic relationships.  Kat and Meg couldn’t be more different, but I adored their friendship.  Both characters are flawed and have issues, but you can tell that they genuinely support and help each other become stronger.

I related so much to Kat.  She is shy and has bad anxiety.  Having to move and change schools was difficult for Kat.  She doesn’t know how to approach people and is really only herself with her online gaming friends.  But even then, she won’t use voice to speak with them.  Only typing online.  Kat has panic attacks, but has been able to control them more often because of counting.

Meg is super hyper with ADHD.  It was fun to read her parts, but kind of exhausting, too. The girl made me tired.  Meg is fun and outgoing, but she does have some issues with people leaving her. The main one was her stepdad, Stephen the leaver, and it makes it harder for her with everyone.  She does everything she can think of to please her new boyfriend, even when she shouldn’t.  She has a hard time keeping friends for more than a couple months.  But all that changes when she and Kat are paired up for a science project.

I’m not sure why they work out so well, but they do.  Kat is uptight, but Meg helps calm her.  Meg can be insecure and scattered, but Kat figures out ways to make things better. They fit so well together as friends, even though they didn’t have much in common.

The way they really connected was because of a fandom for a video game and a youtuber.  A big part of their story revolves around this game and Meg even comes up with a plan for their science project that involves it.

All the extra characters in the book add a lot to the story.  Meg’s siblings were adorable and Kat’s grandpa really added another great relationship.

I liked that the story did have some romance, but it was mostly about Kat and Meg’s friendship.  It’s refreshing to read stories like this one and it was a super fun read.


I received a digital copy for review from Edelweiss.  This did not sway my thoughts in any way.

5 stars from me for this one.


Expected publication: November 7th 2017 by HarperTeen


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