September 2017 Book Haul—I obviously have a problem!


September was another month of buying a massive amount of books.   What’s sad is that October won’t be any better.




Mask of Shadows (B&N pre-order)

The Dazzling Heights (B&N)

Odd & True (Powells pre-order)

Even The Darkest Stars (FairyLoot)

One Dark Throne (B&N pre-order)

Moxie (B&N pre-order)

I Hate Everyone But U (giveaway win)




All of these were purchased from B&N.

The Young Elites

The Rose Society

Project Pandora

Wolf By Wolf

Blood For Blood


The Blood Between Us





13 Minutes  (goodreads win)




Wonder Woman (Anderson’s Bookshop signing)




Before She Ignites (OwlCrate)


The rest of these are ones I don’t have pictures of right now:


Freaks (half price books)

Godsgrave (B&N)

Things I’m Seeing Without You (goodreads win)

Kinslayer (B&N)

What Happened (B&N)

Al Franken Giant of the Senate (B&N)


I bought/received 26 physical books in September!


Digital books from Netgalley:


Close to Home

Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats

27 Hours

A Messy, Beautiful Life

Approximately Yours


I probably forgot something, but this is pretty much everything.  I also received some cool pre-order specials for books that aren’t out yet.




This is the one for November Girl.



Did you buy/receive a ton of books in September, too?  What did you get?



Author: confessionsofayareader

I'm Kristi. I'm a wife, mom, and grandma. I have been breeding leopard geckos for ten years. I love to read and have been trying to review more books (the reason for this blog besides wanting to talk about books with everyone). I also love music and going to concerts, mostly punk and pop punk.

23 thoughts on “September 2017 Book Haul—I obviously have a problem!”

  1. Loved this bookhaul. I sadly haven´t bought any book in September but I will buy lots and lots next week when I travel to London where I basically buy all my books right now because I have forced myself to read the unread in my shelf first. And I have reduced them from 90 unread to like 30 soo thats good I guess 😛 But I miss bookshopping!

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      1. Yes it reallt is! I have planned on buying 11 books when I go on my vacation. I really hope some of them is sold out because I have no idea how I will get them home 😛

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  2. Oh my, what a crazy book haul!! I love it ahah. I am so happy to see Delirium on this book haul – it is one of my favorite books of all times, I really hope you’ll enjoy it. Plus, the edition you got is absolutely stunning, isn’t it? 🙂 I also read and really enjoyed The Young Elites, hope you will just as well 🙂

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  3. Wow, what a fantastic haul!!! I absolutely adored Mask of Shadows so it makes me super happy to see that you picked it up! I hope you enjoy all of these!!

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