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Summary From Goodreads:

Sasha Stone knows her place—first-chair clarinet, top of her class, and at the side of her oxford-wearing boyfriend. She’s worked her entire life to ensure that her path to Oberlin Conservatory as a star musician is perfectly paved.

But suddenly there’s a fork in the road, in the shape of Isaac Harver. Her body shifts toward him when he walks by, her skin misses his touch even though she’s never known it, and she relishes the smell of him—smoke, beer, and trouble—all the things she’s avoided to get where she is. Even worse, every time he’s near Sasha, her heart stops, literally. Why does he know her so well—too well—and she doesn’t know him at all?

Sasha discovers that her by-the-book life began by ending another’s: the twin sister she absorbed in the womb. But that doesn’t explain the gaps of missing time in her practice schedule or the memories she has of things she certainly never did with Isaac. As Sasha loses her much-cherished control, her life—and heart—become more entangled with Isaac. Armed with the knowledge that her heart might not be hers alone, Sasha must decide what she’s willing to do—and who she’s willing to hurt—to take it back.

Edgar Award–winning author Mindy McGinnis delivers a dark and gripping psychological thriller about a girl at war with herself, and what it really means to be good or bad.


My Thoughts:

This book made me swear out loud.  A lot.  There were tons of WTFs and Holy Shits.  I knew Mindy McGinnis had a way of creating messed up characters.  After reading The Female of the Species, I thought Alex was screwed up.  But she is nothing compared to Sasha Stone.

I don’t even know how to describe this book.  Sasha is a good girl.  She’s a perfectionist that has her life all planned out.  Odd things start happening to her though.  She has her boyfriend, Heath, but they don’t get very physical.  She really feels nothing for him.  But there is a bad boy, Isaac, that keeps talking to her like they are having a relationship.  She has no idea what he’s talking about, but he’s even been texting her.

One day Sasha finds an ultrasound picture and finds out that she was a twin.  She had a sister, Shanna, that was never born.  She was absorbed.  Sasha starts to believe that her heart is actually Shanna’s.  That she is still alive in her.  Shanna is the one who has been thinking bad thoughts, the one who is swearing, and the one who had sex with Isaac.

So much craziness happens after this, but I can’t give anything away and ruin the book for you.   Just know that the book is nuts. But in a good way.

I ended up really liking Sasha’s friend, Brook.  She was super odd and a bit obsessed with bodies and injuries.

“Lilly and Brooke are my friends, but I’ll be the first to admit that this may be a force of habit more than anything.  We bonded in kindergarten because Brooke liked to find dead birds at recess, Lilly like to scream about it, and I liked lecturing them both about germs and keeping their voices down.  We were odd children, effortlessly seamed together by our oddness, our parents relieved that we’d found each other, even if our combined personalities alienated everyone else.”

I would have liked more with Brooke, but I’m happy with the weirdness that I got.

I know there will be people that will end up hating this book.  It’s definitely not for everyone.  But if you like strange books with weird turns and a insane story, give this one a try.

I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss+ for review.   This one is 5 stars for me.


Expected publication: October 10th 2017 by Katherine Tegen Books


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