Guilty Reader Book Tag

I saw this tag on Thrice Read who saw it on Coffee, Cocktails, and Books.  I thought I would give it a try.

The Questions:

1. Have You Ever Regifted A Book That You’ve Been Given?

I’ve given away books, but not really as an official gift.  Sometimes I get books I know I’ll never read.  So they are donated or given to a friend.

2. Have you ever said you’ve read a book when you haven’t?

I don’t think I’ve done this.  At least not on purpose.  Sometimes I can’t remember, especially if it was high school or earlier.  So it’s possible I thought I read something and later realized I didn’t.

3. Have you ever borrowed a book and not returned it?

I’m sure I’ve done this before.  Not recently though.  Probably when I was younger.

4. Have you ever read a series out of order?

No.  But I’ve skipped books before or read a book two first and never read book one. Nothing fantasy where you absolutely need to read the first one.  I sometimes get a contemporary book two approved from Entangled Teen and I haven’t read the first book. It usually doesn’t matter because they are focused on different side characters.

5. Have you ever spoiled a book for someone?

Not on purpose, but I’m sure I have.  I try really hard to keep things to myself though.

6. Have you ever doggy eared a book?

Probably when I was a kid.  But not as an adult that I can remember.  Possibly in my early twenties (I’m 39) with a paperback. But I’m pretty good at having a bookmark or using anything I see as a bookmark.

7. Have you ever told someone you don’t own a book when you do?

I don’t think so.  At least not on purpose.  I don’t always remember what I have.

8. Have you ever told someone you haven’t read a book when you have?

Not that I can recall.  I doubt it though.

9. Have you every skipped a chapter or a section of a book?

No.  Only if I dnf a book.  But I can’t skip a section or I feel like I cheated.

10. Have you ever bad mouthed a book you actually liked?

I don’t think so.  Maybe a little bit, but nothing major.  If I like it, I generally admit it even if it’s not the popular opinion.

Are you doing this tag?  If so, make sure you comment with your link so I can read it, too.  Do you have any other guilty reader confessions?  

Author: confessionsofayareader

I'm Kristi. I'm a wife, mom, and grandma. I have been breeding leopard geckos for ten years. I love to read and have been trying to review more books (the reason for this blog besides wanting to talk about books with everyone). I also love music and going to concerts, mostly punk and pop punk.

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